101 things about brain!

Well really this page dosent really have 101 things about me, but it might do in the near future. well heres a few things about me then, remember to read the guide!!!! :)


me, me, me!

Hi, this is a picture of me, so u can see what i really look like. Like my youngest sister, Chloe, i am mental about cats!! My favourite band is weird al yankovic because there songs are so funny :D here are my favourite titals. A complicated song, canadian idiot!, this song is just six words long and eat it! i might be able to even put them on this page for you to watch! :)  I can't tell you how old i am for safety reasons. I am mental about club penguin!!!! i was normally really bored, but when i found club penguin.........       I WAS MEZMORIZED! I LOVED IT AND WENT ON IT EVERY DAY FOR AT LEAST AN HOUR!! and it's even better when there's a party goin on! :) my fave play at the stage on cp is shadow guy & gamma gal!! My birthday is the 11th of January. Which means while i write this i am going to have my birthday tomorrow!! but u probally wouldnt of found my site the day i wrote this.  :P  when it is my birthday next year i'm
going to have a party on club penguin, and i invite YOU to come!!!! I will update you with my party in january 2010!!!!  

Straw000 and more! 

This is Straw000, he is my fave famous pengy. here is his site www.straw000.wordpress.com/ it iz my fave site and u need to check it out! IT'S DA BEST EVA!!!! make sure u do check it out! :D  I also play the drums, it seems so relaxing for some reason. sooo, thats about all for now. here are some of the video's i waz gonna put up 

black belt ninja!

Brainbox10 is now a black belt ninja! for information about how to become a ninja just go to ninja guide. It's full of fun tips to get you a black belt in no time!


Also, Brain is

Checkout his site at: http://www.clubpenguingang.com

My best bud!

This is a picture of my best friend in clubpenguin! (we are also best friends in the real world!) he's always wanting to play army against the pinks with me and is very, very wierd (just like me.) anyway, heres the picture of him.

I also have a very strange australian accent... although i come from the uk!